Wedding/Large Event Tastings
Our tastings for Weddings and large events are $25, due at the time of booking the appointment. The $25 will be credited to the total amount due if you choose to book your event with us, if not the $25 is non-refundable.
Pre-Order Pricing

*Pricing based on cupcake with basic buttercream icing. Cupcake cakes are available, pricing is based on design. (Cupcake cakes and Custom cupcake figures are different items, if you would like a custom cupcake figure please see pricing below.) Custom design, rolled fondant icing and specialty wrappers available for an additional charge. Large quantity discount are available. Please contact us for a price quote.*
Mini Cupcakes
1 dozen per flavor minimum
Regular Cupcakes
1/2 dozen per
flavor minimum
Jumbo Cupcakes
$15.00/half dozen
*$20.00/half dozen*
Half dozen per
flavor minimum  
Regular Cupcake flavors are Chocolate and Vanilla. All other flavors are gourmet.
$5+ per dozen for fondant object on top depending on design
Decorated Cakes
*Pricing based on basic buttercream icing and design. Gluten Free/Vegan an additional $5 - $15 per cake. Custom design and detailed rolled fondant designs available for an additional charge. Please contact us for a price quote.*
Please note all cake orders placed less than 48 hours before pick up will be charged  a 10-20% rush fee depending on size of the order.
Serving Size 
1/4 Sheet
1/2 Sheet
Full Sheet
6" Round/Square
8" Round/Square
10" Round/Square
12" Round/Square
14" Round/Square
 16" Round/Square
(All Character cake kits/fondant designs are an additional $5+)
Wedding/Special Event and Tiered Cakes
*Pricing based on basic buttercream or fondant design.  Custom design and specialty detail available for an additional charge.  Please contact us for a price quote. Heart, Petal, Hexagon, Oval, Paisley, Diamond and Pillow shaped cakes are also available.*
$2.50 per serving with Buttercream Icing
$3.25 per serving for Rolled Fondant Icing
$20.00 per dozen Cupcakes
Vegan/Gluten Free Cakes
$3.50 per serving
Cake Size
Approximate Serving Size
6" Round
8" Round
10" Round
12" Round
14" Round
16" Round
 6" Square
 8" Square
 10" Square
 12" Square
 14" Square
 16" Square
Custom Sculpted Cakes and Cupcake Figures

(Custom cupcake figures and cupcake cakes are different items, please see note for cupcake cakes above.)
All custom cakes and cupcake figures are priced based on size and design please contact us for a quote.
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